Barcelona vs Espanyol (La Liga Spain)

Live Stream HD Barcelona vs Real Madrid (Spain Super Cup Final) - Fierce matches will be presented at the beginning of this week where Barcelona will host Real Madrid in lga titled Super Cup Cup Spain 2017. The fight will be held at the headquarters of Barcelona, Nou Camp on Monday (14/08) early morning, at 03.00 am.

Streaming Barcelona - The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid always promises a fierce battle to watch. In the last couple of seasons the duel between the two giants of this world most attracted the attention of lovers of world football. Real Madrid's defeat two weeks ago from Barcelona in Miami, Florida is still crammed into the chests of El Real's stars.

Witnessed thousands of pairs of eyes in Miami, Los Blancos was forced to swallow bitter coffee from their eternal rivals. Maybe this fight will be the revenge of Zinedine Zidane's troops? Come to Barca headquarters in this first leg, Real Madrid have good capital after defeating Manchester United in the UEFA Cup Super Cup. This victory adds to Zinedine Zidane's achievement record in Madrid.

But this victory can also be a boomerang for Cristiano Ronaldo ddan comrades, the article factor fatigue can affect this fight. In addition Real Madrid also lost midfield general, Luka Modric due to card accumulation. The absence of Modric in this match will provide benefits for Isco. The name just mentioned is a charming appearance in the game Red Devils cons and managed to achieve the best player predicate in the game.

Isco himself will be side by side with Toni Kroos and Casemiro in midfield. While Cristiano Ronaldo who plays as a backup player United cons big will likely fall into a starter in this fight because it is back fit. With the return of Ronaldo then the BBC trio will certainly go down complete in this fight.

Let's move on to the host. Entertain Los Blancos at Camp Nou will be the debut of the new coach, Ernesto Valverde in a competitive match. It will also be a proof whether the manager of Barca's choice is able to carve gold ink in his debut action. Along with Real Madrid action counter Manchester United, Barcelona tested with Brazilian team, Chapecoense. kora Star.
Deportivo Alav├ęs 0 - 2 Barcelona

Barcelona vs Espanyol (La Liga Spain)